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FREIGHT-2007: Logistics & Supply Chain Conference

FREIGHT-2007: Logistics and Supply Chain Conference Results

On June 7th 2007 SeaNews I&C organized FREIGHT-2007: Logistics and Supply Chain Conference that took place in Moscow Mariott Royal Aurora Hotel.      Serge Rivet
The conference participants discussed the most burning issues of logistics development in today’s Russia. The conference focus was on the customs aspect of the logistic process, new warehousing terminal projects, logistic operators expansion to regions, the problems hampering the civilized logistic market development and all the major elements of supply chains management.         
Opening the conference the chairman – Mosmart logistics director Serge Rivet – reminded the gathering that it was last December that president Putin first used the word “logistics” in his official speech. This was viewed to Mikhail Kholyavenkoindicate greater attention towards the logistics development on the top level and great prospects of this sector.         
 Kirill Krupnov
The conference featured reports by chiefs of Russia’s and Europe’s largest transport and logistic companies, representatives of the state authorities: Elena Bormotova (FTS RF), Serge Rivet (Mosmart), Dorel Enache (FM Logistic), Marina Yusova (Knight Frank), Frank Mueller (AsstrA Associated Traffic AG), Georgy Ogandzhanov (ECR-Rus logistics workgroup), Alexey Bubnov (National Logistic Company), Mikhail Kholyavenko (NYK Logistics), Peter Zaritskiy (Jones Lang LaSalle Russia), Pavel Karaulov (GK Divizion), Sergey Malyshev (Euroset), Kirill Krupnov (Volga-Dnepr), Mikhail Minin (ATL), Irina Birman (Kapital Strakhovaniye), Tatyana Kondrashenko (OTsV), Andrey Bobrovsky (HC Logoprom), Sergey Kozlov (Far Eastern Shipping Company). 
 Elena Bormotova
Elena Bormotova, the chief state customs inspector of the Federal Customs Service customs information technologies department spoke on the Customs shifting onto electronic documents turnover.        
 Marina Yusova
Marina Yusova, deputy director of Knight Frank industrial and warehousing real estate department told of logistic operators expansion to regions. Besides, in her report she gave the rating of warehousing and trade real estate markets and pointed out the necessity of close cooperation between logisters and retailers.        
The director of the NLC-Trans St.Petersburg office Aleksey Bubnov attempted to answer the question: "What warehouses do retailers need?". He analyzed the situation in the retail sector logistics, described Dorel Enachecertain specific features of warehousing logistics in the niche and discussed with the other participants the parameters of warehousing and distribution complexes.         
Dorel Enache, the FM Logistic general director for Eastern Europe, shared with the audience the great experience of an Frank Muellerinternational logistic operator work in Russia. In his forecast of the market development he suggested that American retailers are shortly to enter the Russian market, it being huge and promising.

Frank Mueller, AsstrA Associated Traffic AG general director, gave vivid examples of individual logistic solutions and supply chains management for the world’s largest concerns, Mercedes in particular.      
Sergey Malyshev, Euroset logistics department director, and Serge Rivet, Mosmart logistic director, gave different estimations of available free warehousing facilities in Russia. Thus, according to Mr. Rivet, there are almost none, while S. Malyshev was sure there is 1,5% of free terminals.       
 Peter Zaritskiy
Andrey BobrovskyAlthough, the quantity estimations varied, the shortage of this service was agreed: Peter Zaritskiy, deputy director of Jones Lang LaSalle Russia, having compared the rent rates for quality warehousing facilities in Russia and Europe confirmed the well-known truth of Moscow being a world’s most expensive cities. This is of importance for logistics.
Andrey Bobrovsky, HC Logoprom general director, told of the prospects of the market development in the light of opposition between local and global operators. He analyzed the situation on the today’s market of warehousing real estate in Russia, major trends, general structure of the market, supply and demand ration, wittily criticized the monopolists’ methods and wished the gathering “similarly equal conditions”.     
Georgy OgandzhanovGeorgy Ogandzhanov, ECR-Rus logistics workgroup expert, laid down his reasons in favour of cooperation between suppliers and retailers. This is the only way to succeed in the rapidly developing market of logistics, with conditions changing daily. Basing on the European experience he proved that success is in mutually beneficial cooperation between the parties concerned.
Mikhail Minin, ATL international holding company general director, highlighted the problems of adapting the western experience to the Russian logistic market. He compared the Russian and western practice of customer relations, analyzed the criteria of choosing logistic operator in Europe, the western standards of logistic processes IT-maintenance and answered the burning question: what can be borrow from the western experience?   Pavel Karaulov
Pavel Karaulov, GK Divizion managing partner, focused in his speech on practical aspects of the supply chains optimization and told of the development of retail trade in the telecommunication mobile sphere and franchising model of business development.     
Tatyana Kondrashenko 
Tatyana Kondrashenko, head of logistic center of the Russian Railways’ Center for Modern Technology Implementation announced the formation by RZD of 3 PL-providers. The speaker is sure that the formation of a system of transport and logistic centers on the basis of the railway network is a step towards the world standard service. In the years to come there are to be constructed 35 such centers. T. Kondrashenko discussed with the conference participants certain peculiarities of the future hubs and the ways to overcome the problem of jams in Moscow with the help of railway transport.      
It was the tenth conference dedicated to transport and logistics that was organized by SeaNews. The former events gathered over 2000 experts from over 700 companies.  
The Kapital Insurance Group was the conference general sponsor, TransTeleCom Company – the sponsor.
The next event of the FREIGHT series is the international conference “Container transportation in Russia and the Neighbouring States” planned for November 2007.


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